IP Convergence:

Advancements in technology have brought changes in the way building systems connect and communicate with one another. The Extra Low Voltage (ELV) industry has transitioned and is becoming highly dependent on IP convergence.
The key benefits of convergence are reduced capital and operational expenses,enhanced resilience, and the inter-operability between systems which enable seamless integration of their individual functions to complement one another.

Historically, the market has separated systems implementation by technology and perceived discipline. As each of the industries evolved, they have moved away from proprietary networks, embraced the capabilities of IP and implemented
their systems on separate LANs.

ITS works with building owners and end users to consolidate these separate LANs onto a single, homogenous infrastructure, thereby decreasing complexity and increasing their return-on investment (ROI). ITS also works with other disciplines to ensure all aspects of the converged networks are considered at the design stage of the project to mitigate system incompatibilities during the implementation.

Audiovisual System:

Audiovisual systems consist of a broad range of technologies working together to facilitate the requirements and improve the experience of the End User.

ITS’s extensive expertise and project experience in Audiovisual systems includes public address systems, background music, sound reinforcement, presentation and multimedia systems, control systems, guestroom/home automation, distance learning, video conferencing, digital signage and way finding, intercom, conference and delegate systems, room scheduling,television broadcast infrastructure, SMATV, and IPTV.

As Audiovisual system active components make the transitions onto the structured cabling infrastructure and the IP network, as a technology consultancy, ITS is well positioned to advise building owners how to specify and configure systems to ensure smooth and seamless integration between each sub-system.

Large Format Video Displays (LFVD)

As video display technology becomes more advanced and versatile, Large Format Video Displays (LFVD) are appearing on most Owners wish lists.

LFVD can be used for many applications from enhancing the visual aspect of a building, displaying company corporate information, and generating revenue through advertising, to displaying information during sporting events.

LFVD exist in the form of LED facades, transparent LED media screens, solid low or high resolution LED walls, rear projection media walls, high intensity projection etc.

ITS is specializes in the technical design and coordination of building services requirements for Large Format Video Displays and offer a complete solution to suit multiple applications.