Our Commitment

Improve the range of services and products that we offer, and transfer the knowledge to our customers’ by tailoring/designing an end-to-end solution that is Agile, Resilient, Efficient, Scalable, and Sustainable:

Transfer knowledge to the Kingdom and train more Saudi national in the field of high tech electronics.

Health safety and environment (H.S.E)

It’s the responsibility of the I.T.S Management to provide healthy and safe environment to employee at each job site throughout the various operations of our company. Safety and health of our employee as well the property of third party shall always remain our primary consideration.

The Employees are authorized and empowered not to work if the work place pose safety and health related hazards. We are confident that implementation of an effective safety program shall improve morality, productivity and punctuality, as well as, reduce the time loss. We understand that the responsibilities of health and safety are shared between employer and employees.

Quality Mission Statement

Continuously improve the quality of all our manpower and provided services to our valued customers. Our quality is the key for achieving objectives, sustainably, particularly in our high-tech activities, where managing risks and deadlines are so important.

We are committed doing so by using our most important resource (our employees) at every level. The management team is committed to provide the company with the best tools possible to succeed.

Efficient co-operation with suppliers and customers is an essential precondition of our current business development. Being a quality partner means being prosperous and predictable. i.e. we aim to guarantee a positive development of our quality.

We realize that there is still a gap between where we want to be and where we really are, we therefore focus continuously and full heartedly analyze the situation to fill this gap.